Some dull stuff on partitioning and some other dull stuff regarding my stupidity

OK, so I managed to break Linux … twice. In a day. The first time was trying to uninstall some fussy sound drivers. The second time I did something with the Terminal which I wasn’t supposed to do.

Then I accidentally deleted the partition while trying to fix it. Aren’t I bright?

Then I had to restore the Windows bootloader using the Windows Recovery Enviroment. It’s included on the Vista disk but if you don’t have it you can still grab it here.

For now, I’m sticking for a virtual machine. But now I know how to partition hard drives, I’ve been looking on creating a recovery partition with some basic apps on it (just ’cause it’s a pain to reinstall Vista when things go wrong.) And somebody told me to try SelfImage. Although I haven’t tried it yet, looks like a nifty tool.

Also, some other things I learned:

There’s a built-in partitioner in Vista. This is very useful. There’s also one on the Windows Vista disc, when you’re installing.

Another trick I learned: You can create a data partition to seperate your files from your system. If you’re really looking at seperation, you can get a second hard drive. An advantage of this is that if your Windows decides its had enough of you, you’ll (hopefully) not lose all your stuff. But make sure to do your backups, folks. If your hard drive bursts into a ball of flames, a second partition isn’t going to help much.

I’m proud of myself.

I just created a dual-boot system (Vista Home Premium and Ubuntu 9.04) which actually works. I messed a couple things up and had to reinstall Ubuntu a couple times but it works and isn’t that the main thing?

Vista Recovery Disc Download

For those who don’t have a retail disc, you can download a free (and legal) recovery disc here. At least Microsoft’s done one thing right for once.

Add Programs to the “Open With…” List (Vista)

Can you believe I had to ask to figure this out??

So, you have a file that the Open With submenu has several programs. You want to add another.

What you do is click Choose Default Program. Browse for the program you want, and DE-SELECT “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file.” And it should appear.

Blue Screen of Death UAC

Doubt it’s real but still funny.

Vista Blue Screen of Death UAC Screen

Dead Shortcuts? Try ChkLnks.exe

There’s a small utility that comes with Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit called ChkLnks.exe. What it does is find dead shortcuts for you and lets you delete it.

Make sure to do a virus scan (I didn’t have any trouble with my copy but then again things may change)


A list of other tools from the Server 2003 Resource Kit that cvan be used on XP


On the Windows 95 CD, there was a game called “Hover!”, which was intended to display the advanced multimedia capibilities of PCs. Well, you can download it — and for free!

Microsoft’s Public FTP Server

Another site