Reversing Videos with Avidemux

The other day, I posted about my discovery of a “reverse” filter in Avidemux. Now that I figured out how to do it (with some help from Audacity), here it is:

I’m not the brightest.

The other day, I posted an AviSynth script to reverse videos.

So last night, I was attempting to use Avidemux to correct a wrong aspect ratio (didn’t exactly work the way I wanted, I got something like 32:9), and noticed this in the filters:

Why I never noticed that before…

EDIT: Tested it out. It doesn’t work if the video codec is set to “Copy,” and even then, it only reverses the video. However, I assume you could save the audio, reverse it in Audacity, and replace it. Somehow.

Running a video backwards.

Took me a bit of googling to do this (which really proves that I need to GET A DAMN LIFE):

I used an AviSynth script to do it, in particular this one:


In which “backwards.avi” is a copy of the video I wanted to reverse.

You can also use this script, but only if it’s an AVI file:


So what you do with these scripts? Once you have AviSynth installed, copy/paste into a text editor (changing filepath as necessary), and save it as whatever.avs. Then you drag and drop it into VirtualDub, which will execute the script and import it — backwards.

So then you test it. (I’ve noticed on about 50% of my reversed videos, it’s horribly choppy and unusable.) If it seems all right to you, set the compression and save it as an AVI. 🙂

If you don’t want to save it but just watch, just drag and drop it into a media player. The media player will think it’s an AVI file and play. (I’ve noticed VLC doesn’t work for this, possibly because its got its own built-in codecs and isn’t affected by AviSynth.)

I can sense the jealousy.

Okay, so when I was creating the Ubuntu in a Virtual Machine video, at first I used VirtualDub for cropping and resizing the videos. But then it became a pain trying to merge them, so I reverted to Windows Movie Maker. This is the result of the first try:

I think Micro$oft Windows is mad at me 😉

Nah, it’s to do with the Xvid codec. I found the solution here.

VirtualDub — THE Video Editor You Need

Although it’s not real fancy, VirtualDub is a robust, useful utility for capturing, editing, processing videos. And if you want even more features just google “VirtualDub Plugins.

Here are some of my favourite plugins, if you’re interested:

MPEG-2 Plugin
Luminescence band (Using this, I managed to make a Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers video look more psychedelic than a Beatles film.)

Free Video Editing Software

Here’s a nice list of free video editors. You can find things from simple video cutters to advanced, powerful tools.

Free Video Editing Software

Need a simple video editor? Avidemux might work for you

Okay, so I was looking for a simple tool to crop videos — Windows Movie Maker is very buggy, so I don’t like to use it. So I looked at some freeware sites, and found Avidemux.

It works really great — the interface might be a bit confusing, but work with it and you’ll get it. Haven’t had any problems yet.