Are your files intact? Use HashTab to find out.

It’s a good habit to, when available, compare the MD5 hashes on the sites to your file. If it’s wrong, it may mean the file is corrupted or compromised.

HashTab is a nifty little program that’ll let you do it right in the file properties.


If you’re wanting to look at and manage the shell extensions you have on your computer, check out ShellExView.

Want to edit ID3 tags? Try AudioShell.

After installing AudioShell, simply right click on a music file and click Properties. There will be a new tab there allowing you to change the metadata — very useful!

Also, when you mouse-over a music file, it’ll provide more detailed information.

Shell Extension City

Has free and non-free shell extensions for a few operating system (although 95% of them are for Windows). Enjoy!

Shell Extension City