The Unofficial Web Applications List

If you want webapps, go here. It is THE place for webapps.


Sick of chain letters? Check out

Every so often, you may get an email from a friend that probably has a zillion emails and says something like “WATCH OUT FOR THIS VIRUS!?!?!?!?! IT MAKES YOUR COMPUTER EXPLODE WHEN YOU OPEN AN EMAIL?!?!?!?!!?”

Okay, not exactly. A virus can’t cause the computer to explode — that would require faulty hardware, such as an overheating power supply. And you can’t get viruses simply by opening an email. Emails are text-only. You would have to open an attachment.

That is one example of a chain letter. If you’re like me, you’re getting sick of them. is a resource about chain letters, such as examples of letters and why you shouldn’t send them. Check it out..

Two other sites for urban legends, hoaxes, and scams are Snopes and

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