Another computer practical joke.

I played this one when I was in grade 7 or 8.

We were in the computer labs, and at one point I switched the keyboards around for mine and the person beside me. So she came back, and tried to type into wordpad, and it wasn’t working. She was starting to get frustrated, when I started typing “STOP POUNDING ON ME!!!! IT HURTS!!!!”

Seriously freaked her out. Of course, she brought a teacher over. And I ended up getting in trouble. But it was fun while it lasted.


Another computer prank.

When dealing with noobs in multiplayer games, people would sometimes tell them to press Alt+F4.

Fake Send

Fake Send is very similar to deadfake, but instead doesn’t require footers.

Yet another computer joke…

On school computers (and sometimes my mother’s, to her dismay), I would go into the task manager, go to Processes, and kill the “explorer.exe” process. It makes the taskbar and icons disappear.

However, you can put it back by going to the task manager again, going to File >> New Task (Run), and opening explorer.exe back up. 🙂

Rebooting the computer also puts it back.

Send fake emails with deadfake

This thing is great for pranks — I occasionally send emails to friends making it look like they emailed themselves. It’s for use for mischief, not malice — and I don’t recommend sending one to your straight-laced boss!


The Newton Virus — actually, it’s a gag

This is pretty neat — it is for Macintoshes and uses the accelerometer* to make the desktop “fall down”!

Despite it being called a “virus”, it’s actually just a harmless gag.

Tech Support: Hello?

Customer: My desktop just collapsed!

Tech Support: …..

* The accelerometer is only MacBook Pro, I think. It shuts down the hard drive when the computer falls, to prevent damage.

Harmless Computer Practical Jokes

Here is a blog post with several classic computer jokes.

Harmless Computer Practical Jokes