Sick of Adobe Reader? Try Foxit Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader — the most-known software for reading PDF files — used to be good. But now it’s filled with bloat, and hogs memory and takes forever to load.

Don’t despair. There’s Foxit Reader, a freeware (the addons cost money, but aren’t required) PDF reader. It’s quick (takes a full two seconds to load a PDF on my computer — a little longer for big ones) and slim. And unlike Adobe Reader, taking up 20 megabytes of space, it’s incredibly small.

Go on, give it a try — and if you have reviews (or other suggestions for PDF readers) give it a comment.


PDF Split and Merge

PDF Split and Merge

Very good program for splitting and merging PDF’s. There are two versions — basic, which does nearly everything you’ll need, and advanced, which has more advanced features.

Convert Image Files to PDFs … without paying!

All right, so you have some image files — perhaps scans of text, which you would like to convert to PDF. However, you can’t find any solutions without paying money for software.

Well, there is a solution … using a freeware PDF creator and the Windows Photo Printing Wizard, you can!

First, you find a freeware PDF creator. My choice is DoPDF, but there are others, such as:




There are also others — so search around. Another bonus is you can use these with any program that supports printing.

So, now you’ve installed your PDF creator — most of them install as printers. So next, is to find your images you want to convert.

If you want them in a certain order, you have to put them in order in the folder. So you highlight all the images, right click them, and click Print. Then you go through the Photo Printing Wizard — make sure to select the PDF creator as your printer — and there you go.

Printable Paper

If you’ve got a printer, you can save some money on “speciality” paper (graph paper, financial paper, music paper, etc) by printing them out instead of buying them at a store.

Printable Paper is one place where you can find speciality paper, for free. All of them are in PDF format, so if you’re on dial up or just prefer it, you can save to your computer to print anytime.