Corrupting Super Mario Bros

There’s quite a few videos if you search for them on YouTube.

Corrupting Super Mario Bros


I know the secrets to the life, the universe, and the NES Zapper.

Well, just the NES Zapper. And although there’s a ton of sites around that explain it, it’s hard to find one in plain ol’ English.

So you see those two flashes in the middle? (It’s usually so fast you just see a flash. When I made the animation, I slowed it down.) That happens when you press the Zapper’s trigger. And the white square is to show where the target is. So you’re hunting ducks (and/or cursing out that damn dog), and you press the trigger, if the light sensor in the  Zapper sees the black then the white, it tells the NES it’s a hit.

Sometimes it’ll work if you point the Zapper at a white light, or through a magnifying glass.


Almost everyone I know hates the dog in Duck Hunt. Well, now there’s REVENGE!!!!

(The last part, I believe, is from the arcade version of the game. I don’t know where to get it.)

Duck Hunt — Level 100


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Here’s my pathetic attempt at Super Mario Bros.

I guess my skills are a little rusty after 10 years, eh? Sorry for the crappy audio.

Want to play old NES games? Try Nintendulator.

I remember when I was 5 or 6, we had an old Nintendo Entertainment System hooked up to the TV (someone gave it to us because we couldn’t afford cable), with one cartridge — Super Mario Bros. with Duck Hunt.  Now, nearly 10 years later, I wanted to play them again. Either I could try to buy a NES (which could get expensive on eBay!) or use an emulator on my computer.

So far, I’ve been using Nintendulator (an open-source NES emulator) which I’ve found very good (and it’s also said to be extremely accurate.) So you download your ROM, load it in, set your input devices (tip: Never resize the window using the edges if you’re using the Zapper. It’ll make it not work), then CPU >> Run. And enjoy the old games!