Media Player Classic Homecinema

Someone made another version of MPC because the original developer stopped working on it. Interesting.

Media Player Classic Homecinema

Media Player Classic

I’ve found Media Player Classic to work in some places where VLC is buggy.

Official Link

Another Link

Testing Authored DVDs before Burning Them

I’ve been authoring a few DVDs, and I can tell you it can be a waste of discs to burn one and then find out you have to make one tiny adjustment, such as moving a button a half-inch to the left. (I can turn into a perfectionist when it comes to these things.) I read there were ways to test them before burning, but most people recommended commercial DVD players which I didn’t need.

I did a bit of testing, by opening the Video_TS.ifo with a few different media players.  Neither Windows Media Player (which I despise) or Winamp would open them. Neither would VLC Media Player. However, Media Player Classic did!

Alternative to iTunes?

I recently discovered Songbird, an open-source music player which is said to be similar to iTunes.

Although I haven’t tested it yet, it seems pretty neat.

Why VLC Media Player Is The Best Video Player

VLC Media Player can be downloaded here.

1. Open-source — anybody can download, view, distribute, or modify the code making up VLC. This means bugs are usually fixed more quickly than with conventional distributions of software.

2. Cross-Platform — if you are not using Windows, you can still use VLC. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, various distributions of Linux, and others.

3. No Codecs Required — if you do not have the codec for a media type supported by VLC, you can still play it!

4. Ability To Play Copy-Protected DVDs — We all hate copy-protection. Although controversital (and illegal in some places), VLC uses libdvdcss to bypass copy-protection.

5. Portability — work on several computers? You can download a portable version of VLC.

6. Plays Broken Files — Do you have a video file that somehow got broken and won’t play in other media players? VLC can often play it. (I’ve done it several times myself.)