Still another file-hosting service.

I was having difficulties getting a file uploaded to MediaFire; and I only wanted to send it to one person. So I used Wikisend. And it went up pretty quick. The main disadvantage is that you can only leave a file up for 90 days at most (in properties, it lets you pick), but it’s good for transferring a file to one computer to the next.

Oh yeh, it’s free.

Sending Huge Files?!

For files over 20 or so megabytes, email just won’t do. Check out this article for 7 ways to send huge files.

Imageshack Hotspot

The Imageshack Hotspot is a semi-transparent frog that sits in the corner of your screen. When you want to upload an image, just drag and drop it onto the frog! Also, if you don’t need it, you can send it to the system tray. (Although if you ask me, it makes a nice decoration!)

I used this for a while when the Imageshack Toolbar wouldn’t support FireFox 3, even with the Nightly Tester Tools.

The Imageshack Hotspot is a 3rd-party tool, not created by Imageshack, so use at own risk. (Although I had no trouble with it.)

Unlimited file hosting? Free? You gotta be kidding!

Amazing but true. MediaFire hosts as many files as you want, free. Unlimited uploading and downloading.

You don’t even have to register if you don’t want to. But if you do, you get a handy file manager which you can access from any computer with internet.

What’s the catch? All the files have to be under 100 megabytes. But if you use RAR splitting, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course, you can always upgrade to MediaPro, for more features and stuff.

Try it out!

ImageShack Firefox Extension

I am in love with this tool.

Why? It’s the most easiest, fastest way of getting to upload and share an image online through ImageShack.

It saves you 70% of the time doing it the usual way.

What you do is just right-click on the image, choose “Upload to ImageShack” and Voila!

It redirects you to the link page where you can choose how you want to share that image.

Download it here: