Antivirus Boot CDs

Here’s a few boot CDs to fight malware.

FREE Bootable AntiVirus Rescue CDs

13 Antivirus Rescue CDs


20 Minutes to Live

Foolproof Way to Prevent Viruses and Other Nasties.

Never use a computer.

Running Windows Viruses on WINE

Ever wonder what would happen?

Now you know

Pretty humorous article, too.

Why don’t you ever hear of a Linux virus?

There’s only about 40 Linux viruses, and only one or two have been seen in the wild. Why?

Here’s a good article explaining why.

And here’s another article.

Basically, it’s a mix of market share, better security, and open-source code.

Worried about Conficker?

If you’re worried you’ve got Conficker, use this handy eye chart to tell if you have it. (Instructions are on the page.)

But believe this — it’s not as bad as the news makes it out. (They do it for a quick buck.) At the very worst, where a virus lodges into the boot sector, you’d have to do a low-level format (overwriting everything) then a reinstall of the OS. Which is only a pr0blem if you never do backups.

IE vs Firefox — Drive By Downloads

Found this video on YouTube: