Want Macintosh abandonware? Try Mac Hut.

Although I don’t have a Mac (and BasiliskII refuses to work on my computer), there are plenty of Macintosh goodies available at the Mac Hut


Apple At Ease

I remember these on the old elementry school Macintoshes!

Wikipedia Link

Another Link

My Old Macintosh

A simulator of one of the older Mac OS, like the one they used on our school computers.

My Old Macintosh

The Newton Virus — actually, it’s a gag

This is pretty neat — it is for Macintoshes and uses the accelerometer* to make the desktop “fall down”!

Despite it being called a “virus”, it’s actually just a harmless gag.

Tech Support: Hello?

Customer: My desktop just collapsed!

Tech Support: …..

* The accelerometer is only MacBook Pro, I think. It shuts down the hard drive when the computer falls, to prevent damage.