Fun with YouTube Content ID

Obviously somebody has a bit of time on their hands.

Fun with YouTube’s Audio Content ID System

Create your own movie poster!

Just another fun generator.

Movie Poster: Star in your own movie!

Desktop Shooter

If you get frustrated, no worries, use Onefog Desktop Shooter.

Side View Generator

Pretty neat.

Side View Generator.

You want Cyberpets? You got them!!

Have you ever seen Cyberpets — usually animals that are put up on a website?

There are plenty of places to find them, but if you don’t know where to look, these two sites are good place to begin.

Most of them require a site to put them on — always read the rules.

Adoptable Cyberfriend Search
Megangirl’s Cyberpet Adoption Links !!

Morse Code Translator

Have you ever wondered what a sentence sounds like in Morse Code? You can find out with this site.

Just for fun, try pasting this in:

.- .-.. .-.. / -.– — ..- .-. / -… .- … . / .- .-. . / -… . .-.. — -. –. / – — / ..- …

Enough to drive you crazy!

Some people may have played the old paddle-and-ball game.

Here’s a virtual version of it. When you click it properly, the ball should change color.

Either way, it’s fun to fling it around.