Nice new external HDD

As a late Christmas present (waiting for the sales) my mom got me a new external hard drive. 500 gig Seagate FreeAgent. Usually, HDDs fail right away or last for years, and it hasn’t failed yet, so barring the cat knocking it over or something (even though he knows he’s not allowed on my desk) it should be fine. And the five-year warranty isn’t too bad, either. (Either way, I’ll still be doing redundant backups.)


Musical Maxtors!

Not that I would ever recommend opening the HDD.

Boiling a hard drive!

One guy had a hard drive failure. He tried all the standard recovery tips, and then thought to boil it. And it worked.

How I recovered my hard drive by double-boiling it

Another weird hard drive failure.

Or more like a catastrophe. A disaster. A misfortune. A RUINED LIFE!

….er, well here you go.

Broken platter!

Now this is weird

This morning, I was doing some googling on head crashes, and I came upon this, which explains one of the weirdest hard drive failures I’ve ever heard about.

Basically, an IBM Deathstar had such a bad head crash that all the magnetic matter was wiped clean. (I didn’t even know that platters were see-through!)

Read/Write Head

Found the following graphic here.

The Fastest Hard Drive EVER!!!