Lolcat Generator

Just ’cause it’s easier than using a graphic editor.

Lolcat Generator: Can haz posters?


Create your own movie poster!

Just another fun generator.

Movie Poster: Star in your own movie!

Need insults? Try AutoInsult.

Due to dealing with some difficult people, AutoInsult came in pretty useful. Good option is that it won’t show the more offending ones until you manually turn it on (although personally, I find them tame!)

There’s also an online version, WebInsult.

Error Message Generator

If anyone was wondering what I used to make the error in yesterday’s post, here you go:

Atom Smasher’s Error Message Generator

(It’s fun to stick one on the desktop to confuse people — make sure to center it or it’ll get all stretched out and look weird.)

Create funny graphics with

Want to create funny graphics like this?

Then go to You can create plenty of hilarious graphics — but of course, if you’re not funny, the sign won’t be funny either!

Use WebInsult for Insults (and laughs)

If you need an insult or a laugh, check out WebInsult. Just make sure to use the bathroom before reading. 🙂

Need a bibliography? EasyBib is for you

If you’re a student, you know how confusing creating bibliographies are. Comma here, publishing date there, where to put the authors name?

EasyBib is one solution to that. You simply type in the information, and it’ll generate a bibliography for you. Although the free version only supports MLA format, you can pay for more features and options.

Always ask the teacher first, though — some of them may not allow it!

Good luck with your papers! (I would say ‘Have Fun’, but papers aren’t really that fun 😛 )