Need email forwarding? SoodoNims might be for you

OK, so a while back, due to spam, the administrator of a message board I frequent blocked Gmail. For a while, I used Yahoo Mail, but it’s a bit of a pain to forward everything manually (I got quite a few PM notifications, and I like to keep them for memories.)

So after a while, I found SoodoNims. Exactly what I needed, automatic email forwarding. If you need it, you can also delete the emails after a while or block certain domains (e.g. spam).

Oh, and one good thing: Just today, for some reason the emails weren’t coming through. I sent a quick email to the administrator, less than 2 hours later, it’s working again (and I even got the ‘missing’ emails!)


Another thought about Yahoo Mail/Gmail/Thunderbird.

If you could use YPOPs to get all your mail into Thunderbird, you might be able to copy them all to your Gmail account. Then again, you may not. I don’t use Thunderbird myself, so I wouldn’t know.

Anybody had luck with this?

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Fake Send

Fake Send is very similar to deadfake, but instead doesn’t require footers.

Five Emails That Convert Documents

Today I’m not feeling so good, so I’ll just link to another article. 🙂

Five Email Addresses that Convert Documents

Send fake emails with deadfake

This thing is great for pranks — I occasionally send emails to friends making it look like they emailed themselves. It’s for use for mischief, not malice — and I don’t recommend sending one to your straight-laced boss!


Get Yahoo! Mail into Mozilla Thunderbird for free!

According to the blog stats, one of the most popular posts on the blog is Auto-Forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail without Yahoo! Plus.

Well, there’s also a way to get it into Mozilla Thunderbird. Here is the instructions.

You can also use the instructions for other desktop email clients.

Auto-Forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail without Yahoo! Plus.

Okay, so you have a Yahoo Mail account, but you switched to Gmail. However, you still recieve email at your Yahoo! Mail account, and want to auto-forward it. However, you don’t want to pay for Yahoo! Plus. (One of the reasons why Gmail is the best is free auto-forwarding and POP3 access.)

This article explains how to do it. One of the programs required is “Free with TrialPay,” where you have to take an offer from a company — however, you can cancel it later.

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