Online Conversion

I was doing some googling on stuff, and I found this site which has tons of mathematical conversions:


Another AVI encoder — AutoGK

As most of you know, I usually use avi.NET for encoding MPEG/VOB files to AVI. However, I had heard about another tool called Auto Gordian Knot (or AutoGK for short), and decided to give it a try.

It works pretty great — and one feature I like is the option to select the output size (either a predefined size, a custom size, or a target quality).

Need an MPEG file? Try gui4ffmpeg

I was having some difficulties trying to encode an AVI file into a MPEG-2 to make a DVD. And I heard that ffmpeg was good, but it was late and I didn’t feel like learning a bunch of new command-line commands thingys. (I still am a bit tired; forgive me if I come out weird.) Then I found gui4ffmpeg, a freeware program which is…. a GUI for ffmpeg! (How obvious.)

use winLAME to create MP3s

winLAME is a GUI for the LAME MP3 encoder.

English: It converts other audio files to MP3.

Although there’s only alpha versions available, they work great without problems (at least for me.)

Converting VHS to DVD

Here is an interesting site:
How to Convert VHS to DVD

Five Emails That Convert Documents

Today I’m not feeling so good, so I’ll just link to another article. 🙂

Five Email Addresses that Convert Documents

MediaCoder — Universal Media Transcoder

Recently, a friend of mine was looking for freeware to convert her DVD’s to an MP3. After a bit of searching, I found MediaCoder.

Although it’s still in beta, and has a slightly complicated interface, it seems to be worth it. Not only can it transcode many different types of media, it’s highly flexible.

Do give it a try, and tell us what you think in the comments.