10 things to do with a live linux cd

Need a Linux Live CD? The LiveCD List is for you.

Whether you need to recover data, play pranks on somebody (pop it in when they’re not looking!) or want to try Linux, there should be something for you.

The LiveCD List

Ultimate Boot CD for Windows

Haven’t tested this — found it in a comment on another blog. Looks interesting, though. It’s based on Bart’s PE.

UBCD for Windows

Boot Windows from a USB drive

To do this, you need a Windows installation CD, a USB drive at least 256 MB (more if you want to include some programs), and the instructions.

And hopefully your computer’s BIOS will support booting from a USB. If not, it won’t work.  It also won’t work in a smashed up USB drive (and don’t try — you can short things out!)

Windows Crapped Out? Rescue Files With Knoppix

If your Windows won’t boot up — “Config.sys missing” — you’re pretty much screwed. However, you can use Knoppix to rescue important files.

Geek to Live: Rescue files with a boot CD