Internet Bookmarks

Here are a few options, for when you want non-social (anti-social sounded awful) bookmarks.
Foxmarks: Actually a Firefox addon for syncing bookmarks, it lets you access and edit your bookmarks online.

Google Bookmarks: Probably one of the better-known ones. I used to use it before switching to Foxmarks.

MyBookmarks: Although I haven’t tested this, it seems like a good option.  (However, at the moment, new signups are disabled.)

Also, although it’s not online, here are a few options for USB drive users:


Sync Bookmarks between IE and Firefox?

If you’re one of the ones who uses both (gasp!) IE and Firefox, here’s an article for you:

Sync Bookmarks Between IE and Firefox

Also check the comments — some comments and other solutions are there.

Also, through my own research, I discovered Zinkmo, which claims to sync it between Firefox, IE, and different computers.

I never use IE though, so I haven’t tested it. As I say, use at own risk.

Using Firefox Live Bookmarks

If a website you frequently access has an RSS or Atom feed, you can make use of Firefox Live Bookmarks.

To add them, you need to set it up so Firefox is your default RSS reader — go to the Applications tab in Options, click “Web Feeds”, and pick your option.

To add one, you can click the Web Feed Button on the right side of the address bar. Then you choose where to put it — and ta-da!

More information is available here.

Lots of Bookmarks? Use BookmarkDD to find duplicate ones

If you have lots of bookmarks (I have over 1020!), you most likely have some duplicate ones.

Use BookmarkDD to find and delete these duplicate ones.

It also has the advantage of telling you exactly how many bookmarks you have.

Keep on Blinkin’ on BlinkList

What is BlinkList, you ask?

It’s only the best and easiest book-marking tool there is, in my opinion!

Why is that?

All you do is download the toolbar or add the BL button to your favorites bar and whenever you see a page that you like, “blink” it!

You can either Blink it to add details such as notes, tags, change the title, add stars to it, put it as your faves, share it with other people and submit OR just “QuickBlink” which just automatically adds the page to your Blink Page without a hassle!

So sign up now!

Add it to your browser here!

This is my blinklist if you’re wondering 🙂

Need to backup or sync bookmarks? Bring in Foxmarks.

If you have several computers, Foxmarks is excellent for syncing your FireFox bookmarks between them.

If you have only one, you can use it for backing up your bookmarks in case of a crash, corrupted bookmarks file, or disasters. And you can even share your bookmarks with friends.

Don’t trust them online? Well, you can have it use your personal server for syncing.  Or worried about personal bookmarks at work? Just change the “profile.”

Download FireFox here: