Backup your Mozilla profiles with MozBackup.

If you need to backup your Mozilla Firefo, Thunderbird, or a variety of other programs’ profiles, consider MozBackup. It’s an easy-to-use utility to backup and restore profiles — or transfer it to another computer if you don’t feel like copying and pasting. (Another great feature is the ability to choose exactly what you want to backup. Leery of keeping passwords? Uncheck it. Want everything? No prob.) And still another good thing is that the mysterious *.PVC extension they use is simply a ZIP file! If you don’t have MozBackup handy, or it doesn’t work, you can rename and extract the files.

Backup Solution (for personal files)

Here’s my backup solution. Note that I have a computer for personal use, and there’s no sensitive files. If you adapt it, may be useful. As my USB port is broken and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it, I use rewritable DVD’s. You can substitute CD-RWs or USB drives.

Documents — Google Documents, although sometimes I use a DVD-RW.

Pictures — DVD-RW. I also have a bunch on ImageShack, but as I have several thousand (don’t even ask) it takes a while to upload.

Music and Videos — DVD-RW, as usual. Sometimes if I’m sharing them, I keep them on MediaFire.

Installers — I always keep backups of freeware installers — the websites often go down. I put them onto a DVD-RW. (You’re probably wondering why I’m not running out of them by now. I have about 10, and each of them holds almost 5 gigabytes. Currently, only 3 or 4 are in use, and none of them are completely full.)

Bookmarks & Firefox Addons — Here’s the neat part. I use Firefox, so I use Foxmarks to backup my bookmarks. Within my bookmarks, I have a folder called “Addons,” where I keep all the addons I use (or interested in). So if I have to format my HDD, at least I can reinstall the addons!

Other — Either DVD-RW or MediaFire. Depends on if I’m gonna share it or not.

Need to backup or sync bookmarks? Bring in Foxmarks.

If you have several computers, Foxmarks is excellent for syncing your FireFox bookmarks between them.

If you have only one, you can use it for backing up your bookmarks in case of a crash, corrupted bookmarks file, or disasters. And you can even share your bookmarks with friends.

Don’t trust them online? Well, you can have it use your personal server for syncing.  Or worried about personal bookmarks at work? Just change the “profile.”

Download FireFox here: