Want Macintosh abandonware? Try Mac Hut.

Although I don’t have a Mac (and BasiliskII refuses to work on my computer), there are plenty of Macintosh goodies available at the Mac Hut


Home of the Underdogs is back!

Okay… I know, it’s been back for a while. But in case some people still haven’t found it, here. New layout’s pretty nice.

If you want to see the old layout, here’s a mirror. I don’t think you can download from it, though.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about — HOTU is an abandonware site. The webhost went bankrupt so it went offline for a month or so. But it was brought back online.


It’s actually SimCity Classic! The name was changed due to trademarking, but the game stays the same.


Having fun with old educational games…

From The Oregon Trail Deluxe (an old school game that some of you may have played in elementry school):

Go figure.

the game archives

Plenty of games for old systems here, including the Commodore 64!

the game archives


In SimFarm…

“Show Desktop” not working? How to fix it

If you install a Maxis game called SimTown, you may notice the “Show Desktop” icon turned into a SimTown Sound File. However, going into the file extension manager will not work. Here’s how to fix it.
Go into the registry editor (Start >> Run >> regedit). Then go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SHCmdFile\shell\open\command. SCF files should be associated with explorer.exe.

Next, go into the command Prompt, which is usually under Start > Programs > Accessories. (‘Start > Run’ won’t work for this!) Type in “assoc .scf=SHCmdFile” and it should restore it.

Good luck!