I’m still alive!

Ive just been busy at college.


Sorry I haven’t been around…

I recently wiped my computer and I have to reinstall all my programs. I’ll be back soon!

Why do I always link to other sites?

Some people may be wondering that when I post, why do I always link to other blogs and websites instead of just copying and pasting it?

One of the premises I started the geekery blog on was not to drive traffic away from other sites — instead, to direct them to the real source.

Plus, I’m terrible at re-wording instructions. 😉

Want to support the geekery blog? Link to us

For those of you who didn’t notice, there’s a new page where you can grab either HTML or UBBC codes to link to us.

Thank you for your support.

50th Post On This Blog!

Yay! 😀

About My Name

Okay, I imagine a few of you are wondering what the %$#@ “aimeewilbury” means.

Well, I’m a Traveling Wilburys fan.

There you go. 🙂

Welcome to The Geekery Blog!

We’ll try to post good, quality online tools, freeware (both open-source or not), and just general geekiness. And sometimes maybe even non-geeky things some of you may be interested in!