Junction Link Magic

One thing that Ive been meaning to do lately is to use directory junctions to move some of my application data folders (especially some savegames) to my data partition. However I’m fairly sucky at the command line and I kept failing big-time when trying to use mklink (Vista’s command-line utility for creating junction links). Finally in a fit of mad googling I stumbled on Junction Link Magic, which does the job quite nicely from a GUI. A word of warning: Don’t touch any of the built-in OS ones or things may screw up bad.

Finding and Fixing Corrupted Images

Specifically JPEGs.

BadPeggy (the original site is down so I linked to a third-party site) can find the corrupted JPEGs. Usually, if IrfanView can open it (I haven’t had any trouble at all) you can crop out the corrupted part (on my images it tended to be near the bottom so it wasn’t like half a person’s face was cut off or something) and save it over.  However if it’s badly corrupted enough (IrfanView won’t open it or there’s too much data missing) this method doesn’t work too well and you’re better off just finding the picture again.

However, good backups should prevent the whole situation from happening in the first place 😉


Sorry that Ive not been posting of late Ive had a couple of problems to deal with but Im getting better.

Today Id like to recommend a freeware program called AVANTI. It is a GUI (thats a graphical user interface) for ffmpeg and Avisynth.

Ive used it recently when I got a video with a real weird audio codec it was called “ADPCM (ShockWave Variant).” I couldnt get any of my video players (not even VLC which can play nearly everything) to play the audio and when I tried to convert it I had some real strange issues. I finally figured out the codec there are several ADPCM variants if you didnt know that. So to change that into AC3 (i like that better than MP3) I had to use ffmpeg but I kept screwing up the commandline so I finally typed “ffmpeg gui” into the Google and found the program.

You need to download a Windows binary of ffmpeg to use the ffmpeg part I like this build.  You either put it in the ffmpeg folder in the application folder or put it elsewhere and tell AVANTI where to point to. Although I didnt use AviSynth yet i think it will automatically point to it.
Its a real good program.

Tolon NoteKeeper

It has a tree format and rich text. As well, it also lets you import pictures and “binary data” (which is basically any file — however it has to be exported before using it).

Tolon NoteKeeper


Not a half-bad program, I tried it when Avi2DVD kept cutting the audio on a certain video. AVStoDVD allows you to set custom chapters, which is a huge plus for me, but I haven’t tried using the menu editor yet. The first time I tried it the video stream was all black so I changed the encoder. The second time, it worked properly.

Like Avi2DVD, this is actually a GUI for several programs. This one’s also neat because you can output the file as a DVD-folder structure (my choice), an ISO file, or use ImgBurn to put it onto a DVD right away, as well as several other options.


Pivot Stickfigure Animator

A lot of fun!

Pivot Stickfigure Animator

This is an animation I made.

Because I like nice fancy installation wizards…

… I found this program useful for converting portable apps to installers. I don’t think developers of said apps would mind as long as I don’t start giving it out or selling it or whatever. Plus most of them are open-source anyways. 🙂