Google News Archive

It’s great for looking up old newspaper articles. Sometimes you have to pay for access (which sucks) but the advanced search lets you look for just articles available for free. Take a look.

Google News Archive Search

Here’s an example of what I did with the advanced search:

Articles about “Tom Petty” in the Gainesville Sun

(Yes, I am a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers fan. No need to ask.)

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

What do you think?

Page source shows two interesting things. The first one is a bit of Javascript used to determine whether the world still exists:

<script type="text/javascript">
if (!(typeof worldHasEnded == "undefined")) {
} else {

The second is a page comment:

<!-- if the lhc actually destroys the earth & this page isn't yet updated
please email to receive a full refund -->


Nice tool to let you view screeenshots of websites in different browsers on different operating systems. A little slow at times but it’s still useful.


Need email forwarding? SoodoNims might be for you

OK, so a while back, due to spam, the administrator of a message board I frequent blocked Gmail. For a while, I used Yahoo Mail, but it’s a bit of a pain to forward everything manually (I got quite a few PM notifications, and I like to keep them for memories.)

So after a while, I found SoodoNims. Exactly what I needed, automatic email forwarding. If you need it, you can also delete the emails after a while or block certain domains (e.g. spam).

Oh, and one good thing: Just today, for some reason the emails weren’t coming through. I sent a quick email to the administrator, less than 2 hours later, it’s working again (and I even got the ‘missing’ emails!)

Fake Name Generator

It’s quite interesting to see what you can get by messing with options. I have yet to get a duplicate.  There’s also a bulk generator (“Order Bulk Identities”) which I imagine could be used for testing databases.

Fake Name Generator

Online Conversion

I was doing some googling on stuff, and I found this site which has tons of mathematical conversions:

Fun with YouTube Content ID

Obviously somebody has a bit of time on their hands.

Fun with YouTube’s Audio Content ID System