Two funny Civilization IV screenshots.

Both from my own games, Beyond the Sword expansion, no mods. I cropped out most of the screenshot to the funny parts.

Nice fortifications for the Great Wall (look at the buildings embedded)

Hey, mining the Colosseum? Great idea!

Tech Quotes from Civ IV

Recently thought one of them would be useful, but was too lazy to start up Sid Meier’s Civilization IV. Luckily I wasn’t too lazy to google them, so here they are.

SimCity 4 mods!

Finally, I find some!


SimCity 4

There’s some amazing screenshots (created with the help of some SC4 mods) on this site:
SimCity 4: It’s Not A Game, It’s A Hobby

Another Oops

Playing a cheap-o horse game (Championship Horse Trainer) and I got thrown by the horse during training. Then the farm owner decides he wants to breed my horse:


Not quite sure how THIS happened….



On the Windows 95 CD, there was a game called “Hover!”, which was intended to display the advanced multimedia capibilities of PCs. Well, you can download it — and for free!

Microsoft’s Public FTP Server

Another site