While looking for a way to search through multiple PDF files I found dngrep. You’re going to need the Net Framework (or it’ll crash), but overall it seems pretty good.


Junction Link Magic

One thing that Ive been meaning to do lately is to use directory junctions to move some of my application data folders (especially some savegames) to my data partition. However I’m fairly sucky at the command line and I kept failing big-time when trying to use mklink (Vista’s command-line utility for creating junction links). Finally in a fit of mad googling I stumbled on Junction Link Magic, which does the job quite nicely from a GUI. A word of warning: Don’t touch any of the built-in OS ones or things may screw up bad.

Tolon NoteKeeper

It has a tree format and rich text. As well, it also lets you import pictures and “binary data” (which is basically any file — however it has to be exported before using it).

Tolon NoteKeeper

Pivot Stickfigure Animator

A lot of fun!

Pivot Stickfigure Animator

This is an animation I made.

Another free WYSIWYG editor

Called Amaya and made by the same people who set the web standards. Oh, and it has a browser included. Pretty nice, I say.

Because I like nice fancy installation wizards…

… I found this program useful for converting portable apps to installers. I don’t think developers of said apps would mind as long as I don’t start giving it out or selling it or whatever. Plus most of them are open-source anyways. 🙂

Some dull stuff on partitioning and some other dull stuff regarding my stupidity

OK, so I managed to break Linux … twice. In a day. The first time was trying to uninstall some fussy sound drivers. The second time I did something with the Terminal which I wasn’t supposed to do.

Then I accidentally deleted the partition while trying to fix it. Aren’t I bright?

Then I had to restore the Windows bootloader using the Windows Recovery Enviroment. It’s included on the Vista disk but if you don’t have it you can still grab it here.

For now, I’m sticking for a virtual machine. But now I know how to partition hard drives, I’ve been looking on creating a recovery partition with some basic apps on it (just ’cause it’s a pain to reinstall Vista when things go wrong.) And somebody told me to try SelfImage. Although I haven’t tried it yet, looks like a nifty tool.

Also, some other things I learned:

There’s a built-in partitioner in Vista. This is very useful. There’s also one on the Windows Vista disc, when you’re installing.

Another trick I learned: You can create a data partition to seperate your files from your system. If you’re really looking at seperation, you can get a second hard drive. An advantage of this is that if your Windows decides its had enough of you, you’ll (hopefully) not lose all your stuff. But make sure to do your backups, folks. If your hard drive bursts into a ball of flames, a second partition isn’t going to help much.