Sorry that Ive not been posting of late Ive had a couple of problems to deal with but Im getting better.

Today Id like to recommend a freeware program called AVANTI. It is a GUI (thats a graphical user interface) for ffmpeg and Avisynth.

Ive used it recently when I got a video with a real weird audio codec it was called “ADPCM (ShockWave Variant).” I couldnt get any of my video players (not even VLC which can play nearly everything) to play the audio and when I tried to convert it I had some real strange issues. I finally figured out the codec there are several ADPCM variants if you didnt know that. So to change that into AC3 (i like that better than MP3) I had to use ffmpeg but I kept screwing up the commandline so I finally typed “ffmpeg gui” into the Google and found the program.

You need to download a Windows binary of ffmpeg to use the ffmpeg part I like this build.  You either put it in the ffmpeg folder in the application folder or put it elsewhere and tell AVANTI where to point to. Although I didnt use AviSynth yet i think it will automatically point to it.
Its a real good program.



Not a half-bad program, I tried it when Avi2DVD kept cutting the audio on a certain video. AVStoDVD allows you to set custom chapters, which is a huge plus for me, but I haven’t tried using the menu editor yet. The first time I tried it the video stream was all black so I changed the encoder. The second time, it worked properly.

Like Avi2DVD, this is actually a GUI for several programs. This one’s also neat because you can output the file as a DVD-folder structure (my choice), an ISO file, or use ImgBurn to put it onto a DVD right away, as well as several other options.


Fun with YouTube Content ID

Obviously somebody has a bit of time on their hands.

Fun with YouTube’s Audio Content ID System

Another DVD authoring tool.

Although Avi2Dvd is still a bit buggy, I found it an easy-to-use app to create DVDs.

explorer.exe has stopped working? I found something out.

Recently, I tried opening a folder with a few videos on it. explorer.exe stopped working. Luckily, it started right back up again. But when I tried to open the folder again… oops. explorer.exe has stopped working. Again.

So, I remembered back on my XP machine, sometimes it would crash if there was a corrupted video file in there. I knew it wasn’t any video, because the “Videos” folder opened up just fine.

So all I would have to do is delete the videos. (They weren’t of much importance anyways.) But how can you do that if explorer.exe won’t let you in?

Well, I thought for a bit. I knew VLC had a different open dialog, it didn’t use the standard Windows one. So maybe I could use that? So I opened up VLC, Media>Open File. Browsed to the offending folder. Yay, it didn’t crash! So I right-clicked and deleted all the videos.

Then I went to open up the folder again — no crashes. Hooray! (And the recycle bin? Right click, Empty Recycle Bin. No need to even open it.)

I imagine any program that doesn’t use the standard Windows dialog could do the same thing.


First saw this mentioned when browsing a few forums.

Nice open-source tool. Gives you the info on a media file and also lets you export it. Extremely easy to use and understand.


Reversing Videos with Avidemux

The other day, I posted about my discovery of a “reverse” filter in Avidemux. Now that I figured out how to do it (with some help from Audacity), here it is: