Autocomplete Me

A humourous blog of funny Google autocomplete results. A lot of them are really pop-culture references but they’re so out of context it’s hilarious. (Some of them were so funny that I was worried about getting a hernia from laughing.)

Autocomplete Me


One Response to “Autocomplete Me”

  1. Daniel Beardsmore Says:

    Wow! These really are funny.

    The “never put a sock in a toaster” one I recognised from Eddie Izzard’s Definite Article show. Amusing, but not as well delivered as his description of an oboe as like “like trying to blow in a weasel”!

    Also, “firefox has crashed and needs cuddles” … perhaps I should try that — Firefox, which for me has been rock solid stable for the six years that I’ve been using it (from just after 1.0, to 3.6) has just started to crash regularly, probably from some dodgy add-on.

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