Need email forwarding? SoodoNims might be for you

OK, so a while back, due to spam, the administrator of a message board I frequent blocked Gmail. For a while, I used Yahoo Mail, but it’s a bit of a pain to forward everything manually (I got quite a few PM notifications, and I like to keep them for memories.)

So after a while, I found SoodoNims. Exactly what I needed, automatic email forwarding. If you need it, you can also delete the emails after a while or block certain domains (e.g. spam).

Oh, and one good thing: Just today, for some reason the emails weren’t coming through. I sent a quick email to the administrator, less than 2 hours later, it’s working again (and I even got the ‘missing’ emails!)


9 Responses to “Need email forwarding? SoodoNims might be for you”

  1. Lewis Says:


    Thank you for your very kind words. If we can ever be of help again, as I mentioned in my email, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Oh, and support just pointed out to me, it was actually 1 hour and 49 minutes from your first email, but then, who’s keeping track??? 🙂

    Thanks again


  2. aimeewilbury Says:

    Thanks, will fix

  3. Komrade Jason Says:

    soodonims be a great buch.. and the freeness FTW

    Seth Wisely has some ideas to harden them against anti-freedom DEA users

  4. licknstick Says:

    After many tries at account signups, looks to me like Gmail is blocking SoodoNims. SoodoNims says it forwarded the message – which never arrives. WTF?

  5. licknstick Says:

    I think this is happening on YouTube

  6. licknstick Says:

    maybe it’s not gmail…anyway, beware

  7. aimeewilbury Says:

    Well once in a while a corrupt message somewhere will halt the entire thing — pretty sucky, I know, but they did something and it hasn’t been happening as much.

  8. Lewis O Says:

    Our new (and slick 🙂 ) release came out a few weeks ago, and I believe we have eliminated the problems previously mentioned.


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