explorer.exe has stopped working? I found something out.

Recently, I tried opening a folder with a few videos on it. explorer.exe stopped working. Luckily, it started right back up again. But when I tried to open the folder again… oops. explorer.exe has stopped working. Again.

So, I remembered back on my XP machine, sometimes it would crash if there was a corrupted video file in there. I knew it wasn’t any video, because the “Videos” folder opened up just fine.

So all I would have to do is delete the videos. (They weren’t of much importance anyways.) But how can you do that if explorer.exe won’t let you in?

Well, I thought for a bit. I knew VLC had a different open dialog, it didn’t use the standard Windows one. So maybe I could use that? So I opened up VLC, Media>Open File. Browsed to the offending folder. Yay, it didn’t crash! So I right-clicked and deleted all the videos.

Then I went to open up the folder again — no crashes. Hooray! (And the recycle bin? Right click, Empty Recycle Bin. No need to even open it.)

I imagine any program that doesn’t use the standard Windows dialog could do the same thing.


2 Responses to “explorer.exe has stopped working? I found something out.”

  1. Trev Says:

    explorer.exe is the Windows shell.


  2. Ar Says:

    nope…….i know the problem….

    its happened to me before, and its happened to a friend of mine as well…..its codecs issues

    windows xp likes to put video folders in thumbnail view, however if its having a problem with a codec, then it will fail to load the thumbnail, and result in crashing

    the solution is to uninstall whatever codecs you have now (most likely its the xvid thats causing the problem) and try dling another version or reinstalling it

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