I got a Commodore VIC-20!

Commodore VIC-20

Found it at a yard sale (along with a bunch of manuals and data cassettes) for only $5.

I scanned the label on the bottom, it came out a little blurry but still readable:

As well, there were a bunch of letters and order forms for some VIC-20 software. One of them was dated May 2, 1983. I wonder what would happen if I mailed it in? 🙂


2 Responses to “I got a Commodore VIC-20!”

  1. obsysteme Says:

    Nice find, keep retro-computing alive!

  2. obsysteme Says:

    check out the Denial Vic-20 community if you need help :


    a fine group of folk who collect stuff on the Vic-20.. and also develop new programs and Games every year!

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