I was on a message board where somebody mentioned to me Wubi. Turns out it’s a program which is supposed to install Ubuntu for you same as any other Windows app.  Rather interesting.


One Response to “Wubi”

  1. John Says:


    It doesn’t really install it as an app. It installs it in the windows partition as a few files, and writes a line to the boot.ini file or the vista boot loader. When it boots, it boots full ubuntu, and there is nothing windows about it except where it’s residing. I like the thing. I have it on 5 of my computers. It would be great for a netbook also because it can download ubuntu for you and install it the same way. You don’t need a CD drive. I’ve yet to figure out what is a good files size for it. It asks you during the setup. If anyone knows please let us know. I’ve been using 10GB , but I installed ubuntu on a 4GB usb stick. It was tight. So anywhere between 5GB and 10Gb would be good if you are just going to go on the net and play with the thing.

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