Reinstalling Vista

Yesterday, I posted about finally getting Vista. I did have Home Basic, but no recovery CD or partition (there’s an empty recovery partition on my HDD, but that’s beyond the point.)

The new copy is Vista Home Premium; so I decided I might as well get it over with and reinstall while school’s out. Well, it took several threats on my part (kept a Linux DVD on the table to wave in front of the computer at opportune moments) but now I have all the basics installed and…

Oh dear. There’s got to be an easier way. I’m worried that the pile of CD and DVDs on my desk is going to topple onto my head any minute now.

Well, may not be on for a day or two, so don’t worry.


2 Responses to “Reinstalling Vista”

  1. thesmokingun Says:

    i take it that your install went well? I remember my vista install going just fine. The only thing bad about installing any operating system, is digging out all of the cd’s/dvd’s of other software that you want to install.

  2. aimeewilbury Says:

    The installation went smoothly, except a few times I booted from the CD when I wasn’t meaning to (especially just after the install.)

    The pile of software on my desk is about halfway down now. At least it’s not gonna fall down on me now.

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