My Firefox Addons

Ever wonder what my Firefox addons are? Now you know! (I didn’t bother adding ones that come with programs, e.g. the AVG thingy, or some Microsoft .NET framework assistant.)

AdBlock Plus: Does what it says — blocks ads.  And saves bandwidth too.

BookmarkDD: Finds duplicate bookmarks, also deletes them. Good for disorganized bookmarker like me.

ColorfulTabs: Just makes the tabs colorful. Nice to look at, and it can be easier to tell apart tabs.

FEBE: As well as MozBackup, I use this to backup my extensions and stuff.

FoxClocks: If you have a lot of friends in different timezones, this is for you.

IE Tab: Good for when stupid site developers make their sites incompatible with Firefox.

ImageShack Toolbar: I use Imageshack a lot. Need I say more?

Menu Editor: Good for when other addons add stuff to the context menu you’ll never use.

Stop Autoplay: Stops….autoplay. Well, duh.

XMarks (formerly known as Foxmarks): Use this for backing up and syncing bookmarks. When Foxmarks became Xmarks, people were mad about the privacy policy. But looking around my account I found an option to prevent your bookmarks from being “aggregated” or some word along those lines.


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