My computer died!

More specifically, the mobo’s shot.

I sent it into the shop to get the CMOS battery replaced due to the BIOS giving me a weird error although it’d boot up successfully. (I could do it myself, but mom is convinced I’ll fry myself, and it was under warranty anyways.) And the rent-to-own place we got the computer from gave me a loaner (at first a laptop, then they got a desktop for me, which I’ll be using permanently now. Nice specs, even a Western Digital hard drive!) And for some reason, it took longer than we were expecting. We finally got it back from the shop, and the guy said he tried booting it and it went through okay. And we got home, plugged it in…

The BIOS screen froze after it detected the processor.

At first, thought the BIOS may have been flashing. Waited 20 minutes, nope. Called the guy. He said to bring it back, so we did, and he tried unplugging all the drives, reseating the RAM and CMOS battery, and inspecting. No, we didn’t drop it. And no physical damage (at least that could be seen). Then the video went out. So he took it in overnight to inspect (this was only yesterday.)

Today, he called back to say the mobo’s shot, and even if he can fix it, it wouldn’t stay together very long. So the rent-to-own place let us upgrade to this fancy rig for the same amount we’ve been paying (which is their policy).
So, I got myself a new computer.


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