More video card driver problems.

As I said before, I found the Omega Drivers very stable. But this morning, I did a Windows Update and found that it crapped out. A simple reinstall fixed it.

After some googling (and much cursing Micro$oft), it seems that Windows Update replaced my working driver with a broken (or incompatible) one. I have an ATI card with XP, while the post below has an NVIDIA card with Vista. Seems likely, though….

Windows update overwrites working nvidia sata driver with broken one.

EDIT: I made a mistake here — it was actually a SATA controller thingy, not a video card.

So I’d recommend keeping the installer package for a working driver nearby when you update. And it’s a very bad idea to let Windows automatically install for you — for example, if you have your school essay open and unsaved, go to the bathroom and come back, you may find it gone.


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