Testing Authored DVDs before Burning Them

I’ve been authoring a few DVDs, and I can tell you it can be a waste of discs to burn one and then find out you have to make one tiny adjustment, such as moving a button a half-inch to the left. (I can turn into a perfectionist when it comes to these things.) I read there were ways to test them before burning, but most people recommended commercial DVD players which I didn’t need.

I did a bit of testing, by opening the Video_TS.ifo with a few different media players.  Neither Windows Media Player (which I despise) or Winamp would open them. Neither would VLC Media Player. However, Media Player Classic did!


2 Responses to “Testing Authored DVDs before Burning Them”

  1. Greg Klyma Says:

    Aimee Wilbury,

    I’m a musician from Buffalo, NY. I’ve recently pondered the possibility of contacting Mike Campbell about producing a song or album of mine and set out to find his management company. It has proven difficult to track down.

    Today, I found what is decidedly a fan site. You have several posts on a message board there. I take it that you are an ardent fan of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

    Out on a limb, I’m commenting here to ask: have you a clue who manages the group? If I can find management, I can make my inquiry. I’ll continue to search the net and may very well find a number on my own. Should you be able to point me in the right direction, gregklyma@yahoo.com is my email address.

    Thank you for reading. Good day.

    ~ gK ~

  2. aimeewilbury Says:

    I sent you an email. Good luck.

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