Want your own message board? Try ProBoards.

In my personal experience, ProBoards is the best free message board host. The boards have easy-to-remember urls (messageboard.proboardsxx.com, xx being the server number), a very helpful support staff, and is very customizable using built-in features and codes.


3 Responses to “Want your own message board? Try ProBoards.”

  1. Tony Says:

    Personally, the best I had was registering a free hosting account and installing phpBB myself. For the less technically minded there’s always invisionfree/zetaboards.

  2. aimeewilbury Says:

    However, I have seen phpBB boards “crash” — lose all the information. Usually due to the server getting overloaded. I’ve never seen a ProBoards crash, mainly due to the “Too Many Connections” error that comes up when the server is busy. It nearly drives me mad when people say to get rid of it, as if they did, the server would be long gone!

  3. Pluplu Says:

    I’ve always used Forumotion.com since the moment I found it… a few years ago, maybe? It was pretty early in my roleplay years that I found it, and I thought it was pretty easy to use compared to proboards. Yeah, it has some extra buttons, but they’re easy to use or ignore. =3

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