Windows Crapped Out? Rescue Files With Knoppix

If your Windows won’t boot up — “Config.sys missing” — you’re pretty much screwed. However, you can use Knoppix to rescue important files.

Geek to Live: Rescue files with a boot CD


2 Responses to “Windows Crapped Out? Rescue Files With Knoppix”

  1. Tony Says:

    You can do that with any live boot. I’ve done it with PCLinuxOS a good few times.

  2. aimeewilbury Says:

    I figured you could. I remember one time getting in with a Windows boot disk. It was when I had my crappy old Windows 98 with a floppy drive. Sadly, I didn’t have any way to get the files out, with only one floppy drive and no burners or USB ports. At the time, the internet wasn’t hooked up, so that was out.

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