Yet another computer joke…

On school computers (and sometimes my mother’s, to her dismay), I would go into the task manager, go to Processes, and kill the “explorer.exe” process. It makes the taskbar and icons disappear.

However, you can put it back by going to the task manager again, going to File >> New Task (Run), and opening explorer.exe back up. 🙂

Rebooting the computer also puts it back.


2 Responses to “Yet another computer joke…”

  1. tonyf12 Says:

    Doesn’t explorer boot up again in about a minute when you stop it? I’ve stopped it a few times when the OS freezes up and it helps sometimes. Or is that just XP pro?

  2. aimeewilbury Says:

    Well, both me and mom have XP Home, and it doesn’t do that. (I once left my mom’s down for a half-hour until she came home — she was not too pleased.) The school computers have Pro, so when I get a chance I’ll try it there.

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