Why VLC Media Player Is The Best Video Player

VLC Media Player can be downloaded here.

1. Open-source — anybody can download, view, distribute, or modify the code making up VLC. This means bugs are usually fixed more quickly than with conventional distributions of software.

2. Cross-Platform — if you are not using Windows, you can still use VLC. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, various distributions of Linux, and others.

3. No Codecs Required — if you do not have the codec for a media type supported by VLC, you can still play it!

4. Ability To Play Copy-Protected DVDs — We all hate copy-protection. Although controversital (and illegal in some places), VLC uses libdvdcss to bypass copy-protection.

5. Portability — work on several computers? You can download a portable version of VLC.

6. Plays Broken Files — Do you have a video file that somehow got broken and won’t play in other media players? VLC can often play it. (I’ve done it several times myself.)


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