Convert Image Files to PDFs … without paying!

All right, so you have some image files — perhaps scans of text, which you would like to convert to PDF. However, you can’t find any solutions without paying money for software.

Well, there is a solution … using a freeware PDF creator and the Windows Photo Printing Wizard, you can!

First, you find a freeware PDF creator. My choice is DoPDF, but there are others, such as:




There are also others — so search around. Another bonus is you can use these with any program that supports printing.

So, now you’ve installed your PDF creator — most of them install as printers. So next, is to find your images you want to convert.

If you want them in a certain order, you have to put them in order in the folder. So you highlight all the images, right click them, and click Print. Then you go through the Photo Printing Wizard — make sure to select the PDF creator as your printer — and there you go.


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