Fun with Babelfish

Probably everybody knows about Babelfish, once owned by Altavista but now by Yahoo!

Well, it’s actually quite terrible at translations. (I once translated an article from German, and it turned the word “revolver” into “to turn around!”)

But because of this, you can have some fun with it!

Just enter a sentence in proper grammar, translate to another language (I find the East Asian ones tend to have the funniest results — Japanese, Korean, etc), and translate that back to English.

Want an example? I’ll try with some Tom Petty lyrics.

Hey, here comes my girl, here comes my girl,
Yeah, she looks so right, she’s all I need tonight

Here is the result, after translating to Japanese and back:

Just a little, here the girl my the girl my comes here, it comes, it can obtain, is everything which she sees and therefore the right, she me tonight needs


Feel free to post your translations in the comments! 😛

NOTE: Sometimes you have to remove aphostrophies — I don’t know the proper spelling, but it means to change “she’s” to “she is”, or “can’t” to “cannot.”


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