Games run too fast? Slow down your PC!

Some older games run too fast when you have a new computer.

If it’s a DOS game, you can just use DOSBox.

If it’s not a DOS game, you can’t use DOSBox. But there are other ways to slow down your CPU.

The PC Slowdown Page has several tools to slow down your processor.*

For example, to play SimCopter (an early 3D game created by Maxis), I had to use the The MS DirectShow SDK CPUGrabber, which is available at that website. Otherwise, the game would randomly crash.

*CPU and Processor are the same thing — but real geeks would know this! 🙂

One Response to “Games run too fast? Slow down your PC!”

  1. Ted Neustaedter Says:


    I’m laughing because yours is one of the only blogs that is actually showing folks how to SLOW DOWN their FAST PC. My site is exactly the opposite. I help folks SPEED UP their SLOW PC.

    I guess there’s always someone out there that needs something.


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